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What should you look for in an Illinois health insurance plan? The IL health insurance plan that best fits your need depends on your specific situation of course but here are a few general guidelines to help give you a start in the right direction. See which of these 3 profiles that you fall into and what type of IL plans others like you would typically choose.

Profile #1 You hardly ever go to the doctor and rarely take prescriptions. You may prefer a plan with a higher deductible and no Doctor’s office visit copays and no prescription copays. You will probably still want to have a plan that has coverage for Doctor’s office visits and prescription copays you will just save money in monthly premiums by not paying for the costly extra copays.

Profile #2 You or your kids are always in and out of the doctor’s office. You may want to consider a plan with unlimited copays for Doctor visits and prescriptions. This will mean a higher monthly premium vs. a similar plan without copays but may dramatically lower your out of pocket costs if you go to the doctor and pharmacy quite often.

Profile #3 You want comprehensive health coverage with some tax savings. An Illinois health savings account may be a great option for you to consider given that it offers comprehensive coverage after your deductible is met and also offers some very attractive tax benefits to boot.

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A number of Illinois health insurance plans are available to protect individuals and families. When you are looking for health insurance plans in Illinois, it makes sense to take the time to compare policy terms and conditions from several companies. By looking at several health insurance plans, Illinois residents can be sure that they are getting the best deal possible.

Companies Offering Illinois Health Insurance Plans 

The following are examples of companies that offer health insurance plans in Illinois:

  1. Aetna
  2. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois 
  3. Celtic 
  4. Humana
  5. Golden Rule (United Healthcare) 

Illinois Health Insurance Plans: Aetna

The Preventative and Hospital Care Plan offered by Aetna combines reasonable premium rates with a low deductible. It is simple for consumers to understand, but the drawback to choosing this Illinois health insurance plan is that the out of pocket maximum is quite high. You are required to pay 20% of your post-deductible expenses until you reach the out of pocket maximum for your policy.

Another coverage option from this insurance company is the Preventative and Hospital Care 3000. This plan is HSA (Health Savings Account) eligible and offers low cost premiums and a deductible of $3,000. It also has no co-pays for prescription drugs and pre-deductible co-pays for doctors appointments. If you sign up for this plan, you can choose to visit any one of 99 hospitals, approximately 4,000 primary care doctors, and more than 8,500 specialists.

Illinois Health Insurance Plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Illinois

BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois provides insurance coverage to more than 6.5 million members in Illinois. Not only is it the largest provider of health insurance in the state, but it is also the oldest.

The Blue Choice Value plan is a very popular option. Since it has fewer doctors participating in its network of healthcare providers than other plans offered by the Company, premiums are kept low. Choose from deductibles at several levels, ranging from $250 to $5,000.

An interesting feature of this plan is that it renews automatically for each calendar year. However, if you incur medical expenses during the last quarter of the year, the company will carry this figure forward and use it toward the following year’s deductible.

Once you meet your deductible for each calendar year, the Blue Choice Value plan will pay 80% of most medical expenses. This plan also pays for drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, as well as treatment for mental illness. You also have the option of buying optional maternity coverage, which starts one year after the effective date for coverage begins.

Illinois Health Insurance Plans: Celtic

Through its CeltiCare Select PPO Plan, choosing a healthy lifestyle means that you will get more cash in your pocket. 25% of the fees for participating in a weight loss, exercise, or stop smoking program are paid back to you, up to a maximum of $300 per year.

It also has a high lifetime limit for medical expenses – $7 million. You can choose to add a generic drug plan to your policy as well; this allows you to get generic prescription drugs with no deductible and a small copayment.

The disadvantages of choosing the CeltiCare Select PPO Plan are that it offers copayments only after the point where you have reached your deductible and the limit for out of pocket payments is quite high.

Illinois Health Insurance Plans: Humana

In a situation where you want to keep your premiums low and can afford to have a very high deducible, consider the HumanaOne Monogram health insurance plan. The deductible for this plan is set at $7,500. Prescription drugs are subject to a separate deductible in the amount of $1,000. This type of plan is designed for people who enjoy very good health and are mainly concerned about having insurance coverage in case of serious injury or illness. In return for the low premiums and high deductible, you get a lifetime maximum of $2 million in coverage. This amount can be increased to a lifetime maximum of $5 million, if desired.

Illinois Health Insurance Plans: Golden Rule

Golden Rule is the name of United Healthcare’s subsidiary company that provides individual health insurance plans in Illinois. Golden Rule has a great lineup of deductible only plans including the HSA 100, the Plan 100, the HSA Saver, and the Saver 80. Some of their copay plans include the Copay Plus and the Copay Saver plans. Golden Rule plans all come with the very large United Healthcare network of medical providers. Golden Rule United Healthcare of Illinois is a very strong and trusted provider of IL health insurance plans.

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