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Illinois Health Insurance FAQ

Looking at a list of Illinois health insurance FAQ should answer your basic questions about this important part of protecting yourself and your family. Most of the time you will be able to find the answer to your IL health insurance question on our FAQ list. However, if you are unable to get the information you need on the FAQ list, you can contact your Illinois health insurance company or agent for help.

Illinois Health Insurance FAQ #1: Is There A Difference Between Individual Health Insurance And Group Insurance Plans In Illinois? 

When you apply for individual health insurance in Illinois, you will need to provide the company with evidence of insurability. This means that you may need to provide answers to some health questions on a questionnaire or submit to a medical examination ( medical exam is rarely required).

The insurer may ask about your current health, medical history, and personal habits (whether you smoke, if you drink alcohol, etc.) before agreeing to insure you. Depending on the information you provide, the company may accept you, offer to insure you with certain limitations on the policy, or reject your application altogether.

Group health insurance in Illinois is usually issued without the applicant having to provide any health information at all. The insurance company is able to extend coverage because it balances out the cost of providing insurance for the number of relatively-healthy people against those who are not in good health (and who will have more or more expensive claims).

As the number of people in the group plan increases, the insurance company is more likely to be able to achieve this balance of premiums versus benefits paid out, which is referred to as “the law of large numbers.” Of course, your bottom line will be impacted on the health of others in the group.

Illinois Health Insurance FAQ #2: Are Employers Required To Provide A Group Health Insurance Plan? 

An Illinois employer is not required to provide a group health insurance plan for employees under any current federal legislation. Employers may be required to offer a minimum level of coverage in the future.

Illinois Health Insurance FAQ #3: Can You Explain What A Base Plus Plan Is?

Under a base plus plan, you get coverage for basic medical services, including doctor visits, laboratory tests, X-rays, hospital stays, and surgery under the first (base) part of the plan. While the policy may have limits on these expenses, there is no deductible or copayment on them. You get reimbursed for your claim, starting with the first dollar you spent.

The second (plus) part of the plan is designed to cover major medical expenses. You will have a deductible on these expenses, but there will be fewer limitations on your coverage than with the first (base) part of your plan.

Illinois Health Insurance FAQ #4: I Am Unable To Get Health Insurance Because Of A Pre-existing Health Condition. Do I Have Any Other Coverage Options?

Illinois does have a risk pool for those individuals designated as uninsurable. If you can afford to buy health insurance coverage but are not able to be underwritten by a private insurer, then you should look at the Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (CHIP).

CHIP is funded by the State and offers coverage options to people who have been denied coverage because of their health from an insurance company and who do not qualify for Medicare. CHIP’s Traditional Plan is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan offering deductibles from $500.00 to $5,000.00. For more information about this coverage option, call 1-866-851-2751 (Illinois residents only).

Illinois Health Insurance FAQ #5: If I Apply For Health Insurance, Am I Obligated To Buy A Policy?

No. You have the option of canceling your application after it has been submitted, and prior to your being advised whether you have been approved. Check your application form to find out whether you can cancel your application by phone or if the insurance company needs to be advised in writing of your decision.

If the insurance company has cashed your check or charged your credit card for your first month’s premium and you cancel your policy during the underwriting process, then you should be issued a refund.

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