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Celtic Health Insurance Company Of Illinois

Celtic Health Insurance Company of Illinois began conducting business as a broker, insurance and reinsurance company in 1978. Celtic is an “A-“(Excellent) rated company by A.M. Best. Celtic is headquartered in Chicago, IL and services over 90,000 members.

Celtic offers 5 main types of Illinois individual health insurance plans: Celtic Short-Term, the CeltiCare Select PPO Plan, the CeltiCare “Any Doc” PPO (Hospital Network), the CeltiCare Managed Indemnity (No Network), the CelticSaver HSA Plan, and the Celtic Basic Health Plan.

Illinois Celtic Short-Term Health Insurance

The Celtic Short-Term plan offers deductibles of $250, $500, and $1,000. Coverage is able to be purchased one time for up to 6 months. Coverage is only available for those ages 6 months to 64 ½ years old. The plan comes with 80/20 coinsurance on the next $5,000 of expenses after the deductible is met and 100% coverage on covered expenses after the deductible and coinsurance is met up to a lifetime maximum of $2,000,000. For example, if you purchase an Illinois Celtic Short-Term plan with a $500 deductible then your maximum out of pocket cost will be $1,500 ($500 deductible + (20% X $5,000)).

The IL Celtic Short-Term plan covers hospital semi-private room and board expenses, hospital outpatient charges, hospital ICU charges, inpatient psychiatric charges, hospital and physician charges, Doctor office visits, surgical charges, prescriptions, blood products, manipulative therapy, radiology, and laboratory charges. Celtic Short-Term health insurance plans in Illinois will not cover pre-existing conditions, preventative care expenses, maternity expenses resulting from a normal pregnancy, cosmetic surgery, or outpatient psychiatric care.

Illinois CeltiCare Select PPO Plan

With the IL CeltiCare Select PPO Plan members have access to a nationwide network or physicians and medical providers via the Private HealthCare Systems (PHCS) network. $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000 deductibles are available with either 80/20 coinsurance or no coinsurance options available. All of the Illinois CeltiCare Select PPO plans have lifetime coverage in the amount of $5,000,000. In network Doctor office visits are covered with a $10 copay. Supplemental accident insurance is available at coverage of $500 per injury. Prescription coverage is only covered with a RX discount card with average savings of 15% (not true prescription insurance).

Illinois CeltiCare “Any Doc” PPO (Hospital Network)

With the CeltiCare “Any Doc” PPO plan one doesn’t have to change doctors to realize the advantage of a $25 Doctor’s office visit copay. The plan design and benefits are similar to the above Illinois CeltiCare Select PPO Plan.

Illinois CeltiCare Managed Indemnity (No Network)

The Illinois CeltiCare Managed Indemnity (No Network) allows members to choose any Doctor or medical provider that they wish so that allows a great deal of flexibility. However, the plan is an indemnity insurance policy which means that the policy pays “stated benefits” according to whatever limitations and schedules are in the policy contract – regardless of how much the medical bill or procedure may in actuality cost. For example, the policy covers up to $3,000 per person, per calendar year for emergency air and ground ambulance service so if you were to purchase the policy and then incur $7,000 of emergency ambulance service in one year then you would be responsible to pay $4,000 of the bill.

Illinois CelticSaver HSA Plan

The Illinois CelticSaver HSA Plan offers qualified high deductible health plan coverage for use with a Health Savings Account (to learn more about how HSA’s work then read: Illinois Health Savings Accounts).

Illinois Celtic Basic Health Plan

The Celtic Illinois Basic Health Plan offers very affordable “bare bones” coverage for Illinois residents that are on a budget. The Celtic Basic plan offers PPO coverage with 80/20 coinsurance and deductible choices of $1,500, $2,500, and $5,000 with lifetime maximum coverage of $5,000,000. The plan also offers 2 $30 Doctor’s office visit copays per calendar year, a $200 wellness benefit (available after 12 months of coverage), and an optional prescription drug copay card or a free RX discount card.

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