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Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Company Of Illinois

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois was founded by a group of Chicago businessmen in the aftermath of the Great Depression. In 1936 these Chicago business leaders started what was then called Hospital Service Corporation to offer an affordable pre paid hospital plan. These pre paid hospital plans became very popular among not only those people in Chicago who used the plan but also with many people across the state of Illinois. After some time the Hospital Service Corporation became Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Today

Now, Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL is the largest and oldest health insurance company in the state. BCBS of IL provides more than 6.5 million members with health coverage. BCBS of IL is not a nationwide company but rather is a division of Health Care Service Corporation. BCBS of Illinois offers many cutting edge technology services for its members including online claims management, online provider searches, and online access to benefit summaries.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Health Insurance Plans

BCBS of IL has many different types of plans designed to meet the needs of people with all sorts of different goals. The different types of plans include the SelectBlue PPO Plan, the BlueValue PPO Plan, the SelectBlue Advantage Plan, the BlueValue Advantage Plan, the BlueChoice Select Plan, the BlueChoice Value Plan, and the BasicBlue Plan. Let’s take a look at some of the basic characteristics of each of these different BCBS of IL plans:

SelectBlue PPO Plan

The BCBS of IL SelectBlue PPO plan has very comprehensive benefits and is designed for the consumer that wants the absolute maximum in health care coverage. The SelectBlue has a very adequate lifetime maximum coverage benefit of $5,000,000 per covered person, deductibles ranging from $0 up to $5,000, a hospital admission deductible of $0 (in network), coinsurance options of either 80% or 100%, $20 copays for wellness visits and well child visits, $10 copays for prescription drugs (35% or 50% coverage for brand name prescription drugs), and also optional maternity benefits.

BlueValue PPO Plan

The BCBS of IL BlueValue PPO plan has many of the same comprehensive benefits as the SelectBlue PPO plan but is lacking a few things. The BlueValue plan does not have any prescription drug copays, adult wellness visits, and also does not include any doctor visit copays. Prescriptions and doctor office visits are still a covered benefit under the BlueValue plan but plan members must first reach their plan deductible for the year before benefits are paid out.

SelectBlue Advantage/BlueValue Advantage

These plans still have the strength of the BCBS of IL name (along with its strong provider network) and comprehensive major medical benefits with lifetime maximum coverage of $5,000,000 per covered person but they do not have many of the extras that the BlueValue and SelectBlue plans have. The SelectBlue Advantage plan and the BlueValue Advantage Plan are attractive options for those looking to purchase an affordable Illinois health insurance plan from a reputable company with all of the basics.

BlueChoice Select/BlueChoice Value

These plans are somewhat similar in plan design to the SelectBlue Advantage and the BlueValue Advantage. The pros and cons of the plans is that they have a little bit more comprehensive coverage than the Advantage plans but they operate on a smaller Blue Cross network (not the same network as the “regular” Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois network).


BasiBlue is a great choice for Illinois residents that only want catastrophic coverage in the event of a large medical bill. BasicBlue provides comprehensive major medical coverage for hospital services, surgery, testing and emergency services but does not offer coverage for prescription and outpatient doctor office visits. BasicBlue plans are very cheap Illinois health insurance plans designed for budget conscious health insurance shoppers looking for comprehensive major medical coverage with out a lot of the pricey extras like copays and outpatient services coverage.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Health Insurance Quotes

There are many great health insurance companies in the state of Illinois including UniCare, Aetna, Humana, Golden Rule United Healthcare, and of course Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. Take a few quick seconds from the comfort of your own home or office and compare all of the best health insurance plans in your zip code by requesting free Illinois health insurance quotes now!

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